Styled on Blake's painting of Newton from 1795, this take on Satoshi pays tribute to the many great minds, named and unnamed, that have caused us to reach here, the dawn of a new age.

Like Blake's Newton was a stylized representation of a Son of Adam, calculating and inferring his way through the cosmos, Satoshi here is a faceless figure in a nameless environment, plugged in to the cosmos and creating new layers within it, an active participant and instigator. Like Newton to the thinkers of his era, Satoshi is the model for today, the original mould.

Who is Satoshi? None of us except Satoshi? Or are all of us Satoshi? Maintaining repositories and archives, making tutorials and recording instructions, debugging, reporting, community building, encouraging and participating in new models of thought, are we not a part of the nameless, faceless form that is Satoshi?

Original sound design


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